About Us

Sarah Sawyer, Managing Director: Sarah grew up on the coasts of Northern California. She has had varied professions, the two most influential being Production Supervisor of documentary films and Manager of the NYC Flower Shop Spruce. Both professions taught Sarah communication and respect giving rise to her signature traits in real estate: being detail oriented, driven and honest. It was with the learning experiences of her past where she was blossomed to top producer in every real estate company she worked. Channeling her hippie California roots, she is driven by one important aspect which is to see the beauty in anything. Every apartment, condo, coop, brownstone, investment property, commercial space & client has a quality that makes sense for the right transaction. She lives closely to the saying that there is something for everyone. Its thrilling to navigate through the tetris of Brooklyn real estate in order to find that perfect match & price for its perfect client. Some call Sarah "the mayor". Whether it's in a spa in the East Village, Coney Island or Queens, she always knows someone. It's these moments that can lead you to your new home, remember. The tentacles of real estate stretch everywhere! Overall, Sarah and Matt bring a community aspect to Bedford 6 while providing a great service. It's about humanity and offering a whole-hearted, integrity-filled & knowledgeable approach to one of the biggest moments of your life! The result? Hopefully a refreshing outlook on selling or renting a home!

Matt Gelfand, President & Broker: Mathew has over eight years of experience in property management and over fifteen years of real estate experience. His father, who has spent the last thirty years developing his portfolio, had Matthew learn the business from the inside out. From being a contractor helper to doing his father's books on Sundays, Matt has been involved in real estate since he was young boy. Mathew's experience is wide ranging; from computer technician and data analysis to martial arts instructor. He knows what it means to work hard and live by the principles of honesty, integrity and loyalty. Throughout all of his experiences, Matt has learned to always strive towards excellence and expects his team to do the same. He realizes that everyone makes mistakes but that the key to maintaining a portfolio of over seventy buildings (including twelve condominiums, two cooperatives, two to three family buildings and mid size residential and commercial buildings). Matt's current passion is turning his management buildings "green". Deep down, no one really likes seeing a blooming cherry blossom two months early. Matt is helping this, one LED light at a time!

Bedford 6 Real Estate: Is a soup to nuts operation; doing building management, real estate sales, rentals and commercial leasing.  With outstanding & hardworking agents, much focus goes into doing business in Williamsburg, but they don't play favorites. Because they have been developing relationships for more than 30 years in Brooklyn,  their contacts & listings stretch into most every neighborhood. Such as Clinton Hill, where Sarah led the rentals on the one-of-a-kind Clinton Rising project. The project won the Brooklyn Building Award for Best Residential Design in 2011. It consisted of restoring a freestanding mansion, used for decades, as a church and additionally, two individual carriage houses. The design is magical: old world meets avante garde modern. Bedford 6 not only brings exceptional client relationships to the table, but they also love a beautiful home. And this is an added bonus...many landlords, sellers and business owners a-like ask upon their advice about what design or configuration would work best for the market. Bedford 6 does love to talk shop too!