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How to rent in the BK!

Needing to rent an apartment in Brooklyn?! Sounds like "fun"!  We are here to help. Below are some tips and information to make your renting experience as smooth as possible. The best places to find rentals in Brooklyn are on craigslist.org, www.nakedapartments.com and of course...our website...www.bedford6.com. Some of the ads on craiglist require a magnified glass. Although it's tough to navigate, you still may find an apartment that works for your needs so keep plugging away. The best time to look for an apartment is about 15-30 days before you have to move. That is when most realtors are aware of vacancies. To start looking before is fine, but you may find that the rental availability will be for sooner than you like.

Once you start the hunt, make sure you are prepared. Most landlords require the combined income of the apartment to be 40 times the monthly rent and the credit to be adequate. If you don't have these qualifications because you are a student or have a verizon bill that got the best of your credit, don't worry. Find a guarantor or co signer. It's prefered they live within NY state and to be a family member, but if that is not possible than out of state / non family guarantors are also considered.  This all depends on your new landlord. Try to have all of your documentation ready so when you find the apartment you are ready to provide your life's history. The Brooklyn rental market is very competitive so if you find something that actually has a real bedroom and no bed bugs than be ready to apply! (That is a good old real estate joke). There are lots of great residences in Brooklyn. Just come prepared because multiple applicants may be right behind you.

If you haven't already heard, renting an apartment in NYC usually has Broker Fee's involved. These fee's range from one months rent to 15% of the annual rent. YEP! You heard it. It's like no other place in the world. The market is so hot in our NYC that people pay the broker to find an apartment. At times you can find no fee apartments, but typically in any high end or ''prime''neighborhood, you may have to be prepared to pay a fee. For a move in, landlords typically require first months rent and one month security. If you have a pet, you may need to pay a pet deposit. Meow. Contact us anytime for your rental needs! And GOOD LUCK!