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I use Bedford 6 Realty and Bedford Management Company for all of my realty needs in the Williamsburg & Greenpoint area. With many units, it is necessary to have someone to keep track of my tenant's leases, problems and maintenance. By having Bedford Management Company manage my units I have been able to maximize my profits. When a lease is coming due I know that the tenants will be contacted with no down time. I know a new lease will be sent for the maximum possible rent I can get. They have a pulse on the market. The combination of Matt in Management and Sarah at Bedford 6 Realty, has increased my rent roll substantially. Just recently I went from $1,350 to $2000 on one unit. On another I went from $1,600 to $2,000. The units were rented in a very short time. There was no down time and no lost rent. I am currently in contract to sell a house with them where I made a substantial profit even though I bought this building at the height of the market a few years ago. I have found Matt and Sarah wonderful to work with and always willing to listen.

Fred, Commercial & Residential Landlord & Seller, Greenpoint & Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Bedford 6 is responsible for my family having our beautiful home at an affordable rate. There were a number of people interested in our apartment but they had a great connection with the landlord. They were able to schedule a meeting for us to meet with the landlord personally and have coffee and he chose our application over the others. We were so fortunate to meet our agent and have them work as hard for our home as they would their own.

Stephanie, Rental Customer, Park Slope, Brooklyn

I recently purchased a multi-family building in park slope. Sarah Sawyer represented the seller, but made all parties feel at ease. Its not common a buyer recommends an agent who works for the seller, but she really did an extraordinary job at making the deal happen. Navigating through all of the different personalities was her strong suit; her communication skills and follow up are excellent. She has an ability to bring the concept of "home" to the forefront in a business that, sometimes feels, far from it. She put herself last and cared about the needs of her clients first; another great quality. I use her for my rentals and love seeing her around because she now happens to be my neighbor!

Josh, Multi Family Townhouse Buyer, Park Slope, Brooklyn

Recently my partner and I purchased a 3 bedroom condo in Prospect Heights and Sarah Sawyer served as our agent. We couldn't be happier withthe process or outcome. Sarah was able to assist us in finding and securing the apartment of our dreams. She put extraordinary effort toward our goal of obtaining our new home; from negotiating purchase price, different personalities and schedules, to logistical issues such as board approval and permitted construction. Ms. Sawyer struck the right balance between tenacity and patience while maintaining a professionalism and warmth that set all parties at ease. With her assistance, we were able to happily and quickly close, and we are now living in and enjoying our new home.Ms. Sawyer was undoubtedly instrumental in the successful purchase of our new home, and we will forever be grateful for her services. We highly recommend her as an agent.

Bridgette & Nell, Condo Buyer, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

Bedford 6 is the only one I use exclusively for my sales and rentals. I believe that we can give our listings to a variety of agents and run around not knowing who to trust OR we can find one company that does the job right. We never lose money on vacancies and we get top dollar and great tenants. They do my commercial spaces, residential units and condo development.

Greg, Commercial & Residential Landlord & Seller, Gowanus, Clinton Hill, Bed Stuy, Brooklyn

Bedford 6 sells all of my buildings. I have a 3 family in park slope and investment properties in Bushwick. Beyond that they are a joy to work with. The last building they sold of mine, I was doubtful we were going to get the price we wanted. I would only sell if it was above a certain number (highest for the area - we were testing the waters). I could NOT believe we did it. There is no one else I would work with.

David, Residential & Investment Property Landlord & Seller, Park Slope & Bushwick, Brooklyn